A bathing ape - Innovation Conversation with Mark Shayler of Ape Studios

Innovation Conversations #4 – Mark Shayler, Innovation and Environmental Consultant

Mark is an innovation consultant, founder of Ape Studios and the Do Lectures, a visiting… Read more →

Laptop, glasses and mouse: Innovation Conversations from Cecilia Unlimited - Peter Fullagar, Kinneir Dufort

Innovation Conversations #3 – Peter Fullagar, Head of Innovation, Kinneir Dufort

This was a fascinating conversation, and a long one as Peter was hugely generous with… Read more →

boy in VR headset - Innovation Conversation with Annika Small

Innovation Conversations #2: Annika Small, co-founder, CAST

I worked with Annika Small back in 2007, when she was CEO of Futurelab, and… Read more →

Innovation Conversations at Cecilia Unlimited

Innovation Conversations #1: Lorenzo Wood, Chief Innovation Officer, DigitasLBi

Innovation is having a moment – everyone is frantically pursuing it, from governments who think… Read more →

Data streams to illustrate post about big data on Cecilia Unlimited blog

Small data, or just far away?

(This is a longer post – probably around 5 minutes to read, so do settle in… Read more →

Vision Bristol 2016 programme

Vision 2016 – fearless bears, super chickens and what is it about coffee?

I’ve been at Vision 2016 for the last two days – which probably explains why… Read more →

dollarbills sliced up

What’s in a name? A new piece on self-employment on Hippo Reads

A piece of mine on self-employment and language was picked up by Hippo Reads today… Read more →

Coins falling in water

Building a new economy

One of the things I’ve noticed recently is that people generally fall into one of two… Read more →


Making ambitions take flight with open innovation

I wrote this piece for open innovation platform Solverboard, and it was featured on Tech… Read more →

Some naive musings about trust and internet fridges - picture of a piece of cheese

Some naive musings about trust and internet fridges

It might be because Christmas has just happened, which always makes me feel slightly nauseous… Read more →

hand on steering wheel to represent Uber driver

Uber should take better care of its brand. It’s all it’s got.

Disruptive car service Uber has made quite a few headlines lately – not many of… Read more →


What’s the difference between a marketer and a project manager?

It sounds like the beginning of a joke – but when I started a unit… Read more →