The fastest way to kill your brand

The fastest way to kill your brandI read this piece on the Guardian Sustainable Business Leadership hub the other day about how customers are demanding greater transparency, authenticity and accountability from brands than ever before. Simon Mainwaring talks about how much easier it is to expose inauthenticity these days, and how social networking, mobile technology and savvy activism is forcing companies “to articulate what they stand for and demonstrate an authentic commitment to real action that measurably improve the lives of employees, customers and the global community”.

It struck me that authenticity is really what the people behind storydoing are talking about (see my earlier post on the subject). If an organisation is telling a story, but not living it in every thing that it does, then it is just that: a story. To be authentic, the company must behave in keeping with that story at every level.

So whatever story your brand is telling, make sure it’s authentic. Or it may come back to bite you.