Brand for the Environment Agency

At the Environment Agency I led the in-house creative services team, responsible for delivering campaigns and communications as well as managing the organisation’s brand and corporate identity. We worked on a range of issues including drought, pollution, water management, flood risk, climate change, and business regulation.

As a very visible organisation working closely with the public, the brand had to be strong and flexible enough to be used on vehicles, uniform, protective clothing and equipment, boats, locks, signage and publications, as well as in partnerships with other organisations.

Alex Ross, Head of Media and Corporate Communications, says: “Cecilia was great to work with – creative, focused, a good manager and committed to continual improvement in the role.  She led the reorganisation of the Environment Agency’s design and marketing team – giving it a clearer focus and linking it closely with the media, digital and internal communications teams.  She is an adept project manager and has worked across public/private and national/local structures in the last five years. Most of all, she’s a nice person – honest, hardworking and keen to do a great job.”