Culture, failure and strategy – what I learned at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit with Solverboard

2017-04-25-14.25.30Sometimes, you go to a conference and it turns out that almost all the speakers there are saying the same thing, in slightly different ways. That sounds like a bad thing (or a very boring conference), but in this case, it wasn’t.

The conference in question was the Chief Innovation Officer Summit last week in London, and I was there as part of a highly successful couple of days with idea management plaform Solverboard. Aaron and Toby from the Customer Success team manned the stand and had many useful conversations with delegates, while I got to be the roving reporter and attend the speaker sessions, and talk to some fascinating people in the breaks.

Somewhere around the end of the first day (according to my scribbled notes) I realised that some common themes were emerging from almost all the speaker sessions, and as they closely echoed the conversations we’ve been having at Solverboard over the past few weeks, this was both extremely reassuring and a useful validation of our thinking. So here they are.

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