When is a failure not a failure? Why we need to stop using the f-word

When is a failure not a failure? Why we need to stop using the f-word - Image by Tash Willcocks, Hyper IslandI’ve just come back from the IRM Innovation, Business Change and Technology conference, where Solverboard was exhibiting, and I am a broken woman. Three days of workshops, presentations, conversations, and networking in air conditioned rooms means my head is full of information, my bag is full of business cards, and I don’t feel like leaving the house again for a week.


But. It’s been an absolutely fascinating three days. I love events where I get an insight into a whole new area of work (I normally end up deciding to change careers and become whatever the new area is for a while before coming to my senses) and this was definitely one of those. Surrounded by change consultants, business analysts and enterprise architects, I had some brilliant conversations and met a lot of lovely people, including David Beckham. No, not that one.


So why the focus on the word failure? Well, what struck me strongly during the event was the clash of language, style and culture that came from sticking Innovation together with Business Change and Technology. Of course, innovation almost always involves change, so the combination makes sense – but it’s still a long way from the front end of innovation, where it’s all about fuzzy ideation and experimentation, to the implementation bit where you try to create value from change.


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