Content as a learning experience with Ignition



One of the things I love about writing content is the opportunity to learn about new sectors and industries. I’ve always found that there’s no such thing as a boring industry – when you start reading about it, almost anything can be fascinating. So although I specialise in technology and innovation, I often write for clients in other sectors, especially if they’re good people to work with – and Ignition DG definitely falls into that category.

Researching the area I’m writing about means I can help clients tell a more complete story, either just by adding context to their brief, or by helping to shape the narrative itself. Working with Ignition DG, I’ve had the opportunity to find out about the events and exhibitions industry (obviously), aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and the baby and child sector among others. I’ve learned about stand design, global logistics, and a huge amount about sustainability and industrial symbiosis. And I’ve created articles – short and long – that have helped cement Ignition’s brand values with readable and engaging stories.

Two years down the line, I’m still working with Ignition DG as they enter a new and exciting phase for their organisation – watch this space!