Creating a vision of the future with Solverboard

Vision and brand development

Research and insight

Thought leadership content

From what started as a short term project helping to connect the team with content around innovation and the future of work, I’ve now been working with Bristol start-up Solverboard for two years. I can honestly say I’ve never met such a creative and inspiring team: Phil and Charlie, Solverboard’s co-founders, bring immense amounts of passion, commitment and drive to the business which makes it a pleasure working with them.

So in those two years, what have we achieved together? Working with a start-up means not being precious about getting your hands dirty, so my involvement has ranged all the way from helping the founders shape and articulate their vision and strategy down to social media management and writing hundreds of transactional emails.

Things move very fast in the early years of a business, which can make pinning down the vision a continuous work in progress. Countless conversations, interactions and learnings form and shape the vision as the business grows. But as more people join the team, it becomes increasingly important to crystallise and articulate it in a form that can be shared as a means of getting the whole company moving in the same direction. Working with Phil and Charlie, I brought an external perspective through research and learning to help shape the product and establish the context for their vision; articulated it clearly through messaging and language; and promoted their thinking by writing thought leadership pieces and articles. This future vision is now being tested in the wild as the founders take it to events and conferences, to a hugely positive reception so far.

As the company moves from proof of concept and minimum viable product to a fully established business focused on building its customer base and its team, my contribution has also shifted: while continuing to carry out research and insight work to inform product development, I am also establishing guidelines for others to use, including tone of voice guidelines to support the brand and documentation around key elements of the platform.

A hugely enjoyable partnership with a creative and collaborative team.