Share and Enjoy – issue 1 of my subscriber email is out

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In a classic case of the cobbler’s children having no shoes, it’s taken me a spectacularly long time to put together my own communications. I’ve been promising to collect, curate and send out all the interesting things I come across in the course of my work ever since I set up Cecilia Unlimited, but there never seems to be any time.

But now I’ve finally done it, so here it is: issue 1 of my subscriber email. Stories, research and articles about communications, innovation, enterprise and technology.

If you like it, why not sign up to get it sent direct to your inbox every month? (I won’t be posting the full text of future issues on here, just a link.)


Stories and communications 🙆

  • I love this thread about stories fulfilling essential functions in a culture: “Some of our stories can work as maps…some can tell you about the medicinal use of plants/animals…some can tell you about how to live sustainably in specific ecosystems” –  Twitter
  • I interviewed Julian Birkinshaw from London Business School a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Here he gives practical insights into how to tell a good innovation story – McKinsey
  • Stories are a huge part of what I do, so I’ve been writing about it: how to use stories in your innovation process, Part 1 and Part 2. Part 3 coming soon!
  • This blew me away. It should be required reading for anyone trying to bring about change through communications: Complicating the narrative (it’s long, so get a ☕️)
  • The key difference between functional and promotional content (with examples!) – Cecilia Unlimited

Innovation and Creativity 💡

  • I hate a bandwagon and have never believed that one size fits all, so I loved this piece about why we should view the Lean Startup with scepticism – Digital Tonto
  • What’s the role of the state in building digital innovation? This paper suggests some ways forward – Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • The link between psychological safety and innovation at Nokia – Medium
  • We generally think happy people are more creative, but a small dose of pessimism might actually help – European Journal of Innovation Management
  • The word disruption makes my teeth itch, and clearly the Corporate Rebels feel the same – Corporate Rebels

Enterprise and the Future of Work 👩‍💻

  • Move fast and fix things: the RSA’s latest report is on being a public entrepreneur and using innovation for good. Essential reading – The RSA
  • Good news for Bristol and young entrepreneurs: UWE has just opened The Aldridge Institute for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, which will lobby for and develop better enterprise education – UWE
  • And the Engine Shed has launched the Scale Up Generator website to support fast growth business – TechSpark
  • Do entrepreneurs open up completely new markets, or are they responding to existing latent demand? A study of science literature suggests that more innovation comes from the demand side than we might think – European Journal of Innovation Management

Technology and Design ☎️

  • Should design always be invisible? Dan Saffer makes a strong argument against – Medium
  • This new book about AI and the future of work is on the pile I’m DEFINITELY going to read this summer – Wharton
  • An interview with Judaea Pearl filled in a lot of gaps for me about how AI might become truly intelligent – Quanta
  • On the same theme, if an AI robot decides to use its knees to walk, is it being creative? – Medium
  • And finally, Lorenzo Wood of Publicis.Sapient convinced me that believing AI will never be creative is a terrible idea – Medium


Photo by Raoul Ortega on Unsplash

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