Innovation communications: the crucial importance of shared language (Future Shapers)

Language of innovation - article for The Future Shapers by Cecilia Unlimited

It’s an exciting week for me, as my first piece for The Future Shapers has gone live. In case you don’t know, The Future Shapers is an innovative project from Cris Beswick and Richard Copland that aims to re-imagine the digital provision of thought leadership and digital news journalism on innovation. It uses micro-payments and blockchain to reward writers whenever someone reads their content.

At the moment it’s still free, so fill your boots! Here’s the intro to my first piece, follow the link to read the rest:


Innovation communications: the crucial importance of stories and shared language

Many years ago, when I managed the communications function for a leading digital innovation agency in London, we were engaged on a project for Sony. At the time, they were bringing out some exciting consumer technology, and the design for the website element featured glamorous photography of people using their hardware: so for a while the office was awash with devices and photographers and beautiful people.

My desk was in the thick of the development team on the fourth floor, surrounded by developers and testers and Flash programmers (and between you and me, a huge amount of fun). One day, one of the developers returned from a lengthy trip to reception (the lift was small and unreliable, and the stairs were steep) with a face like thunder…..

Find out why the developer was so angry, at The Future Shapers site


Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash