Newsletter Issue 6: A change is as good as a rest (said no one sensible, ever)

Girl carrying a placard at a protest to illustrate changeHello!

This edition is all about change, or rather Change. We all deal with change on a daily basis, but the challenges of Organisational Change always seem to require a capital letter. Maybe when we’re talking about the really hard stuff – social change – we should say CHANGE 😁.

So here’s a collection of interesting, enlightening or downright weird things I’ve read or watched lately, most of which are change-related (or Change- or CHANGE-related).

There’s a lot of change happening in the UK right now, with Brexit and leadership elections and trade deal-or-no-deals. I always advise my clients to be as honest as possible about change, which is not advice that many of our politicians seem to have been given – that’s why the Australian Honest Government Ads (video in the newsletter) make me very happy.

(Don’t watch that video with the volume up in the office though, or your day might change quite rapidly.)

All change!

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