What if we said no to our customers, once in a while? (The Future Shapers)

In my latest piece for innovation thought leadership site The Future Shapers, I’ve been pondering the notion of customer centricity. Is it always a good idea to be wholly customer-focused, and what are the dangers of accepting management dogma unquestioningly? Also, why might cats need soup?


What if we said no to our customers, once in a while?

There are certain ideas about which, once they have taken hold, is very hard to imagine a time when we might have thought any other way.  Not many people still believe that the Earth is flat or that the sun goes around the Earth. It seems obvious to us that bacteria cause infections, that keeping wounds clean is a good idea, and that night air is no more toxic than that which we breathe in the daytime.
It can feel the same with management ideas. Henry Ford came along with the assembly line and mass production and changed the way people thought about manufacturing forever. But where management ideas differ from scientific facts is in one key respect: what makes a basic scientific fact ‘true’ (and I use inverted commas advisedly here) is reproducibility.

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