Finding the right positioning for Futureground

Futureground is an environmental consultancy specialising in the built environment, helping to create better buildings and places to respond to a changing world. Set up in 2016 by founder Nick James, the company had reached a point in 2020 where it needed to position itself for its next phase of growth.

Life and business move fast, and in the blur of running a successful business there’s not always time to consider what has changed and what has stayed the same since its inception. However, it’s an essential exercise for any business in order to maintain focus and a clear sense of direction.

I worked closely with Nick to find out what Futureground’s clients valued about the business and where its strengths lay through a series of qualitative interviews. We analysed the competitive landscape, and brought the results together to establish Futureground’s unique blend of services and approach. We created a powerful value proposition, key messages and tone of voice, which were then used in a workable strategic marketing plan tailored to the needs of the business.