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Finding the right positioning for Futureground

Futureground is an environmental consultancy specialising in the built environment, helping to create better buildings and places to respond to a changing world. Set up in 2016 by founder Nick James, the company had reached a point in 2020 where it needed to position itself for its next phase of growth. Life and business move fast, and in the blur… Read more →

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Inclusive design in the public sector

After working with Ghyston on how to talk about design thinking in your organisation, we wrote another insight paper together. This one is about inclusive design and digital transformation, which was a fascinating topic. What’s the difference between accessibility, inclusion and usability, and why are they all so important? How is the public sector different to other industries when it… Read more →

Complex design and instinctive simplicity

A beautiful phrase used by Andrew Cox, Lead Designer at bespoke software development house Ghyston, to describe the benefits of user-centred design. Working with Andrew and Ghyston to produce their paper on talking about user-centred design in your organisation was a hugely enjoyable experience. Persuading internal stakeholders to adopt a user-centred approach can sometimes be difficult, so this paper offers… Read more →

What if we said no to our customers, once in a while? (The Future Shapers)

In my latest piece for innovation thought leadership site The Future Shapers, I’ve been pondering the notion of customer centricity. Is it always a good idea to be wholly customer-focused, and what are the dangers of accepting management dogma unquestioningly? Also, why might cats need soup?   What if we said no to our customers, once in a while? There… Read more →

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Writing about climate change for WIPO

The most recent issue of the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s magazine features not one but two articles from me – one on innovative approaches to sustainability, and the other specifically about ideas relating to climate change. The articles were commissioned to mark World IP Day, and I had huge amounts of fun interviewing entrepreneurs about their ideas and businesses. You… Read more →

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Newsletter Issue 6: A change is as good as a rest (said no one sensible, ever)

Hello! This edition is all about change, or rather Change. We all deal with change on a daily basis, but the challenges of Organisational Change always seem to require a capital letter. Maybe when we’re talking about the really hard stuff – social change – we should say CHANGE 😁. So here’s a collection of interesting, enlightening or downright weird… Read more →

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Newsletter Issue 5: About fairness, cats, ethics and algorithms

Hello! I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way of staying sane today is to mute all political news, so why not read my latest newsletter instead? It’s the usual heady mix of tech, innovation and communications, with stories about fairness and humanity in business, radical behaviour in Preston, and bionic arms. Today there’s also a shiny new section… Read more →