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Inclusive design in the public sector

After working with Ghyston on how to talk about design thinking in your organisation, we… Read more →

Complex design and instinctive simplicity

A beautiful phrase used by Andrew Cox, Lead Designer at bespoke software development house Ghyston,… Read more →

Book review – Ecopreneurship: Business practices for a sustainable future

As my colleague Dr Niels Schneider will tell you, it has taken me rather a… Read more →

What if we said no to our customers, once in a while? (The Future Shapers)

In my latest piece for innovation thought leadership site The Future Shapers, I’ve been pondering… Read more →

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Why you should be careful calling it innovation (Future Shapers)

In this piece for innovation thought-leadership site the Future Shapers, I was thinking about the… Read more →

placard at a protest to illustrate change

Newsletter Issue 6: A change is as good as a rest (said no one sensible, ever)

Hello! This edition is all about change, or rather Change. We all deal with change… Read more →

Mural of Greta Thunberg at Upfest, Bristol

Change communications: four myths and one hard reality

A few years ago, one of the lecturers on my Masters’ degree opened the first… Read more →

Cats in the Bag of Nails, Bristol - photo by Martin Booth

Newsletter Issue 5: About fairness, cats, ethics and algorithms

Hello! I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way of staying sane today is… Read more →

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The art and science of communicating complex ideas (Future Shapers)

In this latest piece for the Future Shapers, I’ve rounded up some of the topics… Read more →

Dr Paul Lindley OBE

Putting the humanity back into business with the founder of Ella’s Kitchen

How much can you trust a profit-making company? This seemed to be the big question… Read more →

Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll - Cecilia Unlimited Newsletter 4

Newsletter Issue 4: When is a sausage not a sausage

Hello! Welcome back to your desk on the first real working day of the year… Read more →

Talking Tech – communicating complex ideas at Bristech 2018

I went to the Bristech2018 technology conference this year and had a hugely enjoyable day:… Read more →