14 kinds of love - article by Tim Lomas, University of East Anglia

How I discovered there are (at least) 14 different kinds of love by analysing the world’s languages

A grand monument to love. amira_a/Flickr, CC BY Tim Lomas, University of East London No emotion, surely, is as cherished and sought after as love. Yet on occasions such as Valentine’s day, we can often be misled into thinking that it consists solely in the swooning, star-crossed romance of falling deeply “in love”. But on reflection, love is far more… Read more →

Conversation #14 — Julian Birkinshaw, Professor, London Business School

Conversation #14 — Julian Birkinshaw, Professor, London Business School

Julian Birkinshaw is Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School. His particular field of interest is the challenges for large companies who want to work in more innovative and agile ways, which is a topic that comes up time and again in my work with Solverboard customers as well as in all the literature around innovation. I heard… Read more →

The Future of Work

The future of work

As part of my role as Solverboard’s Head of Innovation Practice, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of work at Solverboard – and last week’s World Economic Forum reports provided a lot of food for that thought. The WEF’s Eight Futures of Work scenarios were particularly interesting, so I wrote a little something for the C Suite on… Read more →


Imagine an organisation where anything is possible – and then make it so

I wrote this piece for Solverboard recently as part of a Times supplement on Enterprise Agility, and really enjoyed talking to Nick Price as part of the research. Fans of science fiction will know that in the future almost anything is possible. Whether it’s neural laces for human-to-computer communication, phasers set to stun or kill, sentient spaceships, depressed androids or interplanetary… Read more →

Conversation #13 — Rowan Conway, Director of Innovation and Development, RSA

Conversation #13 — Rowan Conway, Director of Innovation and Development, RSA

I joined the RSA a few years ago after I came across their work project on self-employment — as a recently self-employed professional, it made a big impact on my thinking about entrepreneurship, and I’ve followed the organisation’s work ever since. So it was a huge privilege to spend some time with Rowan and talk about her report on bringing about social… Read more →

Innovation Conversation #10 — Samuel West, Innovation Researcher and Curator of the Museum of Innovation Failure

Innovation Conversations #10 — Samuel West, Innovation Researcher and Curator of the Museum of Innovation Failure

The Museum of Innovation Failure enjoyed a lot of press coverage recently, which is how I first came across Samuel. But although I wanted to ask him about that, I was also interested to see that his academic work has been focused on creativity at work — a subject close to my heart. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation about play and playful… Read more →

Conversation #9 Part 1 — Antony Beckett and Dave Jarman, Teaching Fellows, University of Bristol

Innovation Conversations #9  — Antony Beckett and Dave Jarman, Teaching Fellows, University of Bristol

For this conversation, I spoke to Antony Beckett, the Undergraduate Programme Director and Dave Jarman, Postgraduate Programme Co-Director for University of Bristol’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Both are Teaching Fellows and responsible in part for designing the pioneering innovation degree programmes now being offered at the University. Talking to Antony and Dave was memorable for a number of reasons:… Read more →

18th century Royal Mail coach in Science Museum

Never work with animals or 18th century mailcoaches: the importance of stories of failure

I’ve been thinking about stories a lot lately, particularly stories of failure. Telling stories of failure is hugely important for many reasons – not least because it resonates with audiences that have all, let’s face it, screwed up in some way or another in the past. Told in organisations, failure stories build innovation culture by telling employees that it’s ok… Read more →