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Cecilia Unlimited newsletter 2 - the difficult second album - person flicking through vinyl records

Newsletter Issue 2: The Difficult Second Album

Sometimes you get things right first time – but when you try and replicate that… Read more →

Language of innovation - article for The Future Shapers by Cecilia Unlimited

Innovation communications: the crucial importance of shared language (Future Shapers)

It’s an exciting week for me, as my first piece for The Future Shapers has… Read more →

men telling stories

Stories as a crucial part of your innovation process, part 3: winning friends and influencing people

In the first two posts in this series, I talked about stories as products and… Read more →

European Patent Office - used to illustrate Innovation Conversation #15 by Cecilia Unlimited

Innovation Conversation #15 – Ilya Kazi, Patent Attorney, Mathys & Squire

I’ve known Ilya for a long time, and as my interest in innovation has grown,… Read more →

Future Starts Here exhibition at V&A Museum

The Future Starts Here exhibition at the V&A – creating connections and stimulating senses

What does the future look like, and how will our lives change as a result?… Read more →

man making a shoe last to - Cecilia Unlimited subscriber email about innovation technology and enterprise

Share and Enjoy – issue 1 of my subscriber email is out

In a classic case of the cobbler’s children having no shoes, it’s taken me a… Read more →

book with a wave on the page to illustrate post on using stories in your innovation process by Cecilia Unlimited

Stories as a crucial part of your innovation process, part 2: the fuzzy front end

In the first post in this series, I talked about stories as products and indicators… Read more →

Storytelling statues - Cecilia Unlimited photo credit mikemol via Flickr

Stories as a crucial part of your innovation process, part 1: culture

When I talk to people about using stories as part of the innovation process, I… Read more →

abstract image to illustrate story about the Quantum Tech Enterprise Centre's Annual Showcase - Cecilia Unlimited

No pointless innovation here: the Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre’s Annual Showcase

I often get cross about what seems to me, anyway, to be pointless innovation. Those… Read more →

Hand and a circle - Language in the Age of Machines by Cecilia Unlimited

Alexa, can you get funky? Language in the age of machines

According to the email that dropped into my inbox just now, Alexa knows how to… Read more →

AI robot playing piano

Why I’m far more scared of other humans than I am of Skynet

This week, the House of Lords AI Select Committee brought out their report on artificial… Read more →