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Why you should be careful calling it innovation (Future Shapers)

In this piece for innovation thought-leadership site the Future Shapers, I was thinking about the… Read more →

Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll - Cecilia Unlimited Newsletter 4

Newsletter Issue 4: When is a sausage not a sausage

Hello! Welcome back to your desk on the first real working day of the year… Read more →

Talking Tech – communicating complex ideas at Bristech 2018

I went to the Bristech2018 technology conference this year and had a hugely enjoyable day:… Read more →

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Newsletter Issue 3: About Shaping the Future

“So remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet….Be curious.… Read more →

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Communicating about innovation: two approaches to understanding your audience (Future Shapers)

My second piece for the Future Shapers is out – and this time I’m thinking… Read more →

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Stories as a crucial part of your innovation process, part 1: culture

When I talk to people about using stories as part of the innovation process, I… Read more →

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It was all going so well…..why you shouldn’t mix up your functional and promotional content

I’m writing a style guide for a client right now. Every time I write another… Read more →

14 kinds of love - article by Tim Lomas, University of East Anglia

How I discovered there are (at least) 14 different kinds of love by analysing the world’s languages

A grand monument to love. amira_a/Flickr, CC BY Tim Lomas, University of East London No… Read more →