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It was all going so well…..why you shouldn’t mix up your functional and promotional content

I’m writing a style guide for a client right now. Every time I write another… Read more →

Conversation #11 — Luke Mansfield, VP Innovation, PepsiCo

Conversation #11 — Luke Mansfield, VP Innovation, PepsiCo

I met Luke at the FEI Innovation Europe Conference in June, where he gave a… Read more →

Data streams to illustrate post about big data on Cecilia Unlimited blog

Small data, or just far away?

(This is a longer post – probably around 5 minutes to read, so do settle in… Read more →

Vision Bristol 2016 programme

Vision 2016 – fearless bears, super chickens and what is it about coffee?

I’ve been at Vision 2016 for the last two days – which probably explains why… Read more →

Some naive musings about trust and internet fridges - picture of a piece of cheese

Some naive musings about trust and internet fridges

It might be because Christmas has just happened, which always makes me feel slightly nauseous… Read more →

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Uber should take better care of its brand. It’s all it’s got.

Disruptive car service Uber has made quite a few headlines lately – not many of… Read more →

Maketh - beautiful websites for lovely people

Manners maketh man – and Maketh makes…websites

A great project I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in has just gone live… Read more →

Santa spoof brand book from Quietroom branding agency

‘This graph places our brand in the belief vortex’

I’m pretty busy right now writing the first assignment for my Masters’ course, but wanted… Read more →

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Actions speak louder: are your messages missing the mark?

Trawling the web for statistics this week (such a fascinating life I lead….!), I stumbled… Read more →

Close up of Rodin's The Thinker - copyright Brian Hillegas

Thinking aloud: Is David Cameron a manager, not a leader?

I read this article by Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian a little while ago, and… Read more →

Screen grab of email from Warren Evans bond offer

When is a stakeholder not a stakeholder?

An email dropped into my mailbox this morning, from bedmaker Warren Evans. I bought some… Read more →

Still from Chipotle Scarecrow ad

Chipotle and the scarecrow

Once upon a time, there was a lovely scarecrow. He got himself a job to… Read more →