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Actions speak louder: are your messages missing the mark?

Trawling the web for statistics this week (such a fascinating life I lead….!), I stumbled… Read more →

Screen grab of email from Warren Evans bond offer

When is a stakeholder not a stakeholder?

An email dropped into my mailbox this morning, from bedmaker Warren Evans. I bought some… Read more →

Library books

The excitement of new information

I started a Masters’ degree last week. As of now, I am a student again,… Read more →

Me at the Women Outside the Box Festival at Arnolfini

Hold the front page – at Women Outside the Box

I popped down to the Women Outside the Box festival on Monday at the Arnolfini. What… Read more →

Still from Chipotle Scarecrow ad

Chipotle and the scarecrow

Once upon a time, there was a lovely scarecrow. He got himself a job to… Read more →

The fastest way to kill your brand

I read this piece on the Guardian Sustainable Business Leadership hub the other day about… Read more →

Blind justice

Capitalism: moral as well as legal?

Listening to File on Four the other day, I found myself mildly appalled by a… Read more →

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Do I need to worry about my brand, for Women Outside the Box

I wrote a short piece on starting to think about your brand for small businesses… Read more →

Storydoing vs storytelling and the bottom line

I picked up this article on my Feedly this morning: “Good Companies Are Storytellers. Great… Read more →

Brand stories and the 7 basic plots

‘Is that true?’ ‘No, but it’s a good story’. Humans love a good story. We… Read more →

A bewilderment of cheeses

It’s been emotional: how emotions – and brands – are vital in making decisions

One of the things I find most infuriating in life is when people can’t make… Read more →

Sign saying No Tecknolegy

What’s his problem? Writing for your customer, not yourself

For one of my most recent projects, I spent a lot of time looking at… Read more →