Six years of 6Heads – the better angels of our nature

Monday nights are often pretty dull, especially at this time of year – it’s dark… Read more →

Some naive musings about trust and internet fridges - picture of a piece of cheese

Some naive musings about trust and internet fridges

It might be because Christmas has just happened, which always makes me feel slightly nauseous… Read more →

hand on steering wheel to represent Uber driver

Uber should take better care of its brand. It’s all it’s got.

Disruptive car service Uber has made quite a few headlines lately – not many of… Read more →

Close up of Rodin's The Thinker - copyright Brian Hillegas

Thinking aloud: Is David Cameron a manager, not a leader?

I read this article by Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian a little while ago, and… Read more →

Screen grab of email from Warren Evans bond offer

When is a stakeholder not a stakeholder?

An email dropped into my mailbox this morning, from bedmaker Warren Evans. I bought some… Read more →

Blind justice

Capitalism: moral as well as legal?

Listening to File on Four the other day, I found myself mildly appalled by a… Read more →

Pelicans and camels – an update about ethics

A few months ago I wrote a post on quotas for women in senior roles… Read more →

From mummy bloggers to happy planets – and back again

The New Statesman carried a blog post the other day that started me thinking. It… Read more →