Communications Workshops

Short home-study tasks

Nimble online sessions

Designed for busy teams

Do you want to help your team communicate more clearly and effectively – in person, in meetings, in writing, or when speaking in public? Has the pandemic played havoc with your training programme?

Many communications workshops are simply face to face sessions adapted to work over Zoom: not these. Designed specifically for online delivery, these workshops combine some home study with a sharp, punchy online session to maximise the value you get from your time.

Each workshop is customised to suit your particular needs, with topics such as:

  • Creating key messages, and sticking to them
  • Finding your narrative and dealing with complexity
  • Writing/communicating clearly to get results
  • How to tell a good story, and why it’s important
  • Presenting with confidence
  • Understanding your audience and what they want/need to know

Don’t take my word for it….

I recently ran two of these workshops with award-winning tech company Ghyston – see what they thought of the experience:

“Very relevant and practical. One of the best training courses we’ve done.” – Emily Hill, CEO

“Really productive & useful session, many thanks!” – Charles Rea, Technical Lead

“Cecilia was great to work with, and had some really useful, relevant tips to go through with us.” – Jake McKenna, Technical Consultant

“Really enjoyed the format, it felt much less like a ‘course’ and more like an opportunity to hone an important skillset in discussion with somebody who has genuine expertise in the area.” – Martin, Software Team Leader

Interested? Get in touch to discuss what your team needs.