Training and Workshops

Telling innovation stories

Humans are designed to tell, respond to and remember stories, so they are invaluable tools in the innovation process. Stories can help you uncover insights, win support, bring research to life or formulate your go-to-market strategy. This workshop will help you:

  • Identify moments where a story would be an effective tool
  • Learn the elements that make a compelling story
  • Put together an example story based on your experience
  • Select the most appropriate medium for your story
  • Find out about storytelling tools


Problem framing

In association with Blue Green Learning

The workshop introduces people to the first stage of a proven creative problem-solving process, which has been researched and applied over 60 years. The first stage is to explore and define the problem. Often, through time pressures, or a solution-focus, people will leap ahead to stating the solution, before the group has agreed, or even discussed the problem.

This workshop will:

  • help you create a shared language around creative problem solving and innovation, making future collaborations run more smoothly
  • introduce a selection of tools that will help you learn to explore and redefine problems
  • explore current real-life problems and help you frame them so that they invite the types of ideas you want


Idea generation

In association with Blue Green Learning

This workshop will lead you through stage two of the creative problem solving process. It will help you generate many, varied and original ideas, and learn to select those that are promising and intriguing, for later development.

You will:

  • Learn to generate many ideas systematically, using the right tools for the right challenge, and in a diverse group.
  • Find out about 8 different idea generating tools, designed to produce ideas along a continuum from incremental to breakthrough.
  • Use two idea selection tools, for reducing many ideas to a shortlist of promising and intriguing ones.
  • Develop ideas for a real-life organisational challenge, so that you take away a shortlist of potential solutions.