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Still from Chipotle Scarecrow ad

Chipotle and the scarecrow

Once upon a time, there was a lovely scarecrow. He got himself a job to support his lovely scarecrow wife, and went to work for Crow Industries. But soon, he discovered that…….oh, what’s the point in continuing. Unless you’ve been under a rock for past few months, you’ve almost certainly heard of Chipotle and their storytelling adverts, and you know… Read more →

Brand stories and the 7 basic plots

‘Is that true?’ ‘No, but it’s a good story’. Humans love a good story. We spend a huge proportion of our lives telling and listening to stories, whether through films, books, music, or just the anecdotes we tell in ordinary conversations. We share the story of our lives with people and tell stories about each other over a cup of… Read more →

A question of scale

A question of scale

Just for once, I’d like to read an article about branding that doesn’t talk about Apple. Or McDonalds. Or Starbucks. Working on a brand project for a small IT services company, I’ve been thinking a lot about how small businesses can make sure their brand is working for them.  Thinking – and also reading as much as I can about… Read more →