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Complex design and instinctive simplicity

A beautiful phrase used by Andrew Cox, Lead Designer at bespoke software development house Ghyston, to describe the benefits of user-centred design. Working with Andrew and Ghyston to produce their paper on talking about user-centred design in your organisation was a hugely enjoyable experience. Persuading internal stakeholders to adopt a user-centred approach can sometimes be difficult, so this paper offers… Read more →

abstract image to illustrate story about the Quantum Tech Enterprise Centre's Annual Showcase - Cecilia Unlimited

No pointless innovation here: the Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre’s Annual Showcase

I often get cross about what seems to me, anyway, to be pointless innovation. Those pregnancy tests that say the words ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not Pregnant’ instead of using the standard two lines: what a waste of digital tech that will go straight to landfill, for no discernible benefit. Or yet another flavoured water drink, stuffed with either sugar or aspartame… Read more →

A question of scale

A question of scale

Just for once, I’d like to read an article about branding that doesn’t talk about Apple. Or McDonalds. Or Starbucks. Working on a brand project for a small IT services company, I’ve been thinking a lot about how small businesses can make sure their brand is working for them.  Thinking – and also reading as much as I can about… Read more →