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Communicating about innovation: two approaches to understanding your audience (Future Shapers)

My second piece for the Future Shapers is out – and this time I’m thinking about how you might unpack some of an audience’s reasons for resisting change, using two ways of thinking about their mindset: frames and practices. These are both huge topics in their own right, so I feel a bit cheeky skimming over them in one article,… Read more →

Language of innovation - article for The Future Shapers by Cecilia Unlimited

Innovation communications: the crucial importance of shared language (Future Shapers)

It’s an exciting week for me, as my first piece for The Future Shapers has gone live. In case you don’t know, The Future Shapers is an innovative project from Cris Beswick and Richard Copland that aims to re-imagine the digital provision of thought leadership and digital news journalism on innovation. It uses micro-payments and blockchain to reward writers whenever… Read more →