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abstract image to illustrate story about the Quantum Tech Enterprise Centre's Annual Showcase - Cecilia Unlimited

No pointless innovation here: the Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre’s Annual Showcase

I often get cross about what seems to me, anyway, to be pointless innovation. Those pregnancy tests that say the words ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not Pregnant’ instead of using the standard two lines: what a waste of digital tech that will go straight to landfill, for no discernible benefit. Or yet another flavoured water drink, stuffed with either sugar or aspartame… Read more →

Innovation Conversations at Cecilia Unlimited

Innovation Conversations #1: Lorenzo Wood, Chief Innovation Officer, DigitasLBi

Innovation is having a moment – everyone is frantically pursuing it, from governments who think innovation is the answer to the flagging economy (although interestingly Theresa May has taken innovation out of her new business-focused department’s title), to companies petrified of being Ubered out of existence by some upstart with a clever idea. The Internet is awash with articles about… Read more →