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Innovation Conversations at Cecilia Unlimited

Innovation Conversations #1: Lorenzo Wood, Chief Innovation Officer, DigitasLBi

Innovation is having a moment – everyone is frantically pursuing it, from governments who think innovation is the answer to the flagging economy (although interestingly Theresa May has taken innovation out of her new business-focused department’s title), to companies petrified of being Ubered out of existence by some upstart with a clever idea. The Internet is awash with articles about… Read more →

What’s the difference between a marketer and a project manager?

It sounds like the beginning of a joke – but when I started a unit on my degree about project management and systems thinking, I found that it’s not such a daft question. In fact, I suspect most marketing professionals are using a particular type of systems analysis without even being aware of it. (When I embarked on this degree, I thought ‘Hey! I’ll… Read more →

Still from Chipotle Scarecrow ad

Chipotle and the scarecrow

Once upon a time, there was a lovely scarecrow. He got himself a job to support his lovely scarecrow wife, and went to work for Crow Industries. But soon, he discovered that…….oh, what’s the point in continuing. Unless you’ve been under a rock for past few months, you’ve almost certainly heard of Chipotle and their storytelling adverts, and you know… Read more →