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Imagine an organisation where anything is possible – and then make it so

I wrote this piece for Solverboard recently as part of a Times supplement on Enterprise Agility, and really enjoyed talking to Nick Price as part of the research. Fans of science fiction will know that in the future almost anything is possible. Whether it’s neural laces for human-to-computer communication, phasers set to stun or kill, sentient spaceships, depressed androids or interplanetary… Read more →

Storydoing vs storytelling and the bottom line

I picked up this article on my Feedly this morning: “Good Companies Are Storytellers. Great Companies Are Storydoers”. Promoting a new book about how companies use stories, it describes research carried out by the authors that they say demonstrates that ‘storydoing’ companies do better than ones that are merely telling their stories. You can read more about the methodology here but… Read more →