Growing your business: strategic communications for scaling up

Growing your business and scaling up your communications - tree on an office building - Cecilia Unlimited

We don’t know where to start

We want to make our name

We’re recruiting fast


Scaling up your business means letting go, delegating and trusting others, which can be hard. Not only that, but you need to step up your communications to generate business, recruit new people, and build your reputation.

A strong brand and messaging will help you attract the best people, instil the right values and empower them to take the business to new heights without compromising your vision.


Package 3: We’re quite big, but we’ve never had to think about our brand before – can you help?

Clearly you’ve been lucky enough to have customers beating down your door without any effort – well done! But that might not last forever, and getting your brand and messaging in order can have a positive effect on your existing custom as well as helping you attract new leads.

What’s included?

  • Research including stakeholder interviews, and an audit of your market, competitors and current communications
  • A comprehensive brand strategy, including:
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • What we do
  • Messages and sub-messages by audience/sector
  • Tone of voice and style guidelines for written and verbal communications
  • Target audiences
  • Recommended communications channels
  • Metrics and measurement
  • Content strategy and 12 month plan
  • Internal workshops and activity to embed your brand throughout the organisation


Package 4: We want to start making a name for ourselves – how do we go about it?

You’ve got the brand, you’ve got the messages – now how do you get people to listen? Building your reputation takes time, but I can help you create a strong starting point.

What’s included?

  • Research into the comms landscape for your sector – who’s saying what, where are the gaps, and where could you fit in?
  • Recommended position on 3 or 4 key topics, with supporting evidence/beliefs
  • 5 thought leadership article/column synopses for pitching to relevant media, either by you or by a PR team of your choice
  • 1 conference presentation pitch to secure speaking engagements


Package 5: We’re growing fast and need to make sure our new hires understand the business

This is a crucial stage for any business: as you grow, it’s vital that new people understand your organisation, where it’s heading and how you do business. If they’re not on message, they could damage your brand AND your bottom line.

I’ll take your brand strategy and turn it into materials you can use to on-board new people quickly and effectively.

These might include:

  • A corporate/recruitment video or animation to inspire and motivate – like this one, a great homage to the classic Dollar Shave Club video (I didn’t make it, but I wish I had!)
  • Staff handbook and/or documentation
  • A presentation deck for onboarding sessions
  • An online learning tool to take new recruits through some of the key aspects of your business



We just need a new website, can you help? 

Of course! But writing website content is really hard if you’re not sure what you want to say. So if you haven’t got that worked out yet, we might need to do that first. Why don’t we have a chat about it?


We’ve got our vision and messaging all worked out, we just need someone to run our communications for us. Is that something you can do?

Yes. I focus mainly on strategy and planning, but I work with trusted partners who can deliver high quality communications services for you, under my management if required:

  • Digital marketing
  • Content writing, from print collateral to on-line
  • Thought leadership and PR
  • Website design and build
  • Website management
  • Social media management
  • Corporate identity and design
  • Video/animation production
  • Photography


These services feel like more than we need – we just need a bit of help here and there.

Have you seen my services for start-ups? But these are all just suggestions and every organisation is different – drop me a line and we can put together the right kind of support for yours.